June 8 – 10, 2022

Getting here

Click on the link to find out if you need to fulfill visa requirements. Once arriving at Benito Juarez Airport, make sure you buy an authorized taxi ticket to your hotel. Authorized taxis are a little pricier than street cabs, but they are a lot safer and still very reasonably priced. A taxi ride from the airport to your hotel would range between MX$200 to $400, depending on the location. Make sure that you are getting the standard, "Sedan" service if you are less than 4 people since the "Ejecutivo" option is more expensive. We strongly discourage the use of non-authorized taxis at the airport, since it is not only dangerous but also illegal. You will know if your taxi is authorized if you need to buy a ticket from a stand.


SALT32 will be held at El Colegio de México, Auditorium "Alfonso Reyes".

Getting around

Accessing El Colegio de México is easy by taxi or Uber. Public transport is not a good option, since there are no metro stations in the area and buses are not easy to get around. This site will help you estimate cab fares in Mexico City. As we said, taxis are inexpensive, but it is safer that you take the slightly pricier "sitio" taxis (i.e. from taxi stands) rather than flagging them on the street. Please refrain to do so. Uber is also a safe option. Make sure you download the app before coming to SALT32.


SALT32 will take place in the middle of the rainy season in Mexico City. Do not forget your umbrella and a hat for the sun.


Although Mexico City is fairly safe in our national context, please be prudent. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when you are here:

  • Keep an eye on your belongings at all times.
  • Avoid walking at night. If you are going out, it is a good idea to arrive and leave by taxi/uber.
  • Remember only to use Sitio Taxis or Uber.
  • If you need to use an ATM, do it during daylight hours and, if possible, use those located inside shops and malls rather than on the street. There is is an ATM inside El Colegio de México. This is of course the safest option :)
  • Keep your valuables in your hotel room (including your passport). We know that you will need your laptop for the conference but otherwise try not to carry expensive things.
  • It is a very good idea to make sure your phone has roaming and internet service in Mexico City. Having an internet connexion at all times will help you to use Uber, Google maps, and contact the organizers at any time, should you need anything. (Obviously, at the venue you will have wi-fi at all times).


We are trying to make SALT32 as safe as possible. After two years into the pandemic, we all know how COVID19 is transmitted and which measures can help us mitigate its propagation. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when in Mexico City:

  • The Mexican Government strongly recommends you wear a face mask if you're in a public space in Mexico City and many places require the use of face masks to enter. El Colegio de México, our venue, has a strick mask policy. All SALT32 participants will be required to wear a face mask at all times when indoors. We respectfully ask you to make sure that you wear a high filtration mask for the conference (N95, KN95, KF94). If you do not have access to such masks, please contact us and we will buy them for you.
  • Given that El Colegio de México is quite isolated, lunch, refreshments, and coffee services will be provided (further details about fees and meals options will be posted soon). All coffee breaks and lunches will take place at the garden of El Colegio de México, to diminish the risk of COVID transmission. No food or beverages will be allowed in the Auditorium.
  • As for March 11, in Mexico City, the vaccination rate for adults (18 years old and older) was: 97% of adults have had at least two vaccine doses
    78% of adults have had a booster dose
We are very excited to have you here in Mexico City and we are really putting all our efforts to make sure the conference is as safe as it can be. This, however, requires that every member of our community properly follows the mitigation measures for COVID-19. Let´s keep SALT32 safe!