Cornell University
August 17 – 20, 2020

SALT began at Cornell University: the first Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference was held April 19-21, 1991 at Cornell. See more information on the retrospective page.

Organizing committee

SALT30 was organized by Dorit Abusch, Jon Ander Mendia, Sarah Murray, Mats Rooth, and William Starr; our special session moderator Sally McConnell-Ginet; our graduate student assistant Mary Moroney; the Linguistics department manager Gretchen Ryan; many students and alumni from linguistics and philosophy, including, Kalen Chang, Jacob Collard, Bobbi Cohn, Jing Gao, Mia Gong, Andrea Hummel, Kaelyn Lamp, Carol-Rose Little, Jane Lu, Hitomi Minamida, Eszter Ótott-Kovács, Kevin Kwong, Joseph Rhyne, Frances Sobolak, Todd Snider, Alejandro Vesga, Mia Wiegand, and Lingzi Zhuang; and our other session chairs, Helena Aparicio, Alexander Kocurek, Angelika Kratzer, Kai von Fintel, Carlotta Pavese, Craige Roberts, and Alexis Wellwood.

Many others contributed to making SALT30 happen, including our many reviewers; the SALT steering committee; the LSA, including Alyson Reed and David Robinson; the Pop-Up Mentoring coordinators, including Ivona Kucerova, Jessica Rett, and Kristen Syrett; and of course our many presenters. Thank you all!

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SALT30 is supported by the Cornell Department of Linguistics, Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell Center for Social Sciences, and the Cognitive Science Program, as well as the Linguistic Society of America.

This website was adapted from the SALT29 site authored by Dylan Bumford, in collaboration with the SALT steering committee.


We learned a lot about hosting a virtual conference from the materials posted publicly by many other conferences and organizers. We have written a SALT30 runbook -- information about how we ran virtual SALT30 with a timeline and many technical details, in case it is useful to others.

We are running a post-conference survey and will post those results here when available.

The Linguistic Society of America (LSA) is proud to sponsor SALT and to publish its Proceedings. Find out more about membership here.