SALTED: The SALT Equity & Diversity Committee

SALTED is charged with helping make semantics and pragmatics more equitable and diverse. The committee was formed in 2020 and meets regularly to discuss and organize initiatives like its SALTED Workshop Series. More information is available in our Mission Statement.

SALTED has established a SALT Access and Inclusivity Fund. The fund will be used to pay honoraria for SALTED workshops; to fund SALTED Scholarships (see below); and to underwrite sign language translation and other accessibility-related costs at SALT conferences that need it. If you have the means, we would appreciate a contribution from you! We will be accepting donations on a rolling basis over PayPal (at

The SALTED Workshop at SALT 32

(Prestige) English as an Object and Meta-Language

(Prestige) English has traditionally served both as the object of study and medium of study for formal semantics worldwide. This workshop aims to discuss what issues may arise from this virtual hegemony and explore some alternative approaches. Led by a panel of experts, we will discuss questions such as the following: What impact has the focus on English had on scholars outside of the Anglophone world? What can be done to increase the representation of non-English languages and non-prestige dialects in semantic research, pedagogy, and scholarly publication?

Workshop panelists

SALTED Scholarships

Coming Spring 2023!

SALTED is proud to announce the SALTED Scholarships. We will award at least two or three scholarships per year of at least $200 for travel and registration costs for SALT participants who cannot otherwise afford them. We will allocate scholarships based on need and usefulness (to the applicant and the semantics community), as determined on a case-by-case basis by the SALTED Scholarship Subcommittee. Eligible applicants include undergraduate or graduate students, or SALT participants who are un- or under-employed.

application details

  • Applicants must fill out this form at least two months before the first day of SALT
  • Student applicants must have a faculty sponsor fill out this accompanying form



SALTED is currently chaired by Jessica Rett, and its faculty committee members are Ana Aguilar-Guevara, BR George, Valentine Hacquard, Ezra Keshet, Mary Maloney, Julia Pozas Loyo, Ai Taniguchi, and Michael Terry. Its student members are Clara Cuonzo, Kyle Laurentine, and J├ęssica Mendez.


The inaugural SALTED committee consisted of Jessica Rett (Inaugural Chair), Ezra Keshet (Interim Chair), Lucas Champollion, Mitcho Erlewine, Valentine Hacquard, and Mary Moroney. Its committee membership consists of its chair (the SALT Diversity Coordinator, an elected position) and several committee members, chosen by the chair and ideally including at least one student, serving staggered two-year terms.