Cornell University
August 17 – 20, 2020

Updates on SALT30 Status

The SALT 30 dates have been changed from April 23 – 26, 2020 to August 17 – 20, 2020 and the conference will now be held virtually

16 April 2020

As you know, we had to postpone SALT 30 and were planning to have it in person in August. Since the last update, there have been several developments that made this plan less feasible. We've explored several alternatives and consulted with both the SALT steering committee and the Cornell administration. The organizing committee met again yesterday and decided to move SALT 30 to an entirely virtually format. We are very disappointed, as you may be, but we think it's the best option given the current unpredictable situation.

The primary reasons for this decision are concerns over everyone's health and well-being, uncertainty about summer and fall travel, and uncertainty about events being allowed on campus. No events on campus at Cornell are allowed until further notice, and we aren't sure how long that will last.

The dates for virtual SALT 30 will be August 17 – 20, 2020, with the focus workshop on the 17th. More information will be coming soon about format and platform, but we wanted to get you this update as soon as possible.

We're disappointed to not be able to see everyone in person, especially since SALT started here at Cornell and we were looking forward to celebrating SALT 30. We had such a wonderful event planned! However, the first all-virtual SALT will be an occasion as well, I'm sure, and we'll find a way to celebrate and bring everyone together outside of the talks.

We hope you all continue to be well. We also hope to find ways to replicate the wonderful semantics community that always comes together at SALT,

Kind regards,
The SALT30 organizing committee

10 March 2020

Today Cornell announced that all classes are moving online after Spring Break and that campus events are cancelled through the end of the semester. This means for sure that SALT cannot be held in April, as scheduled.

Since last week, given the rapidly developing situation with the novel coronavirus, we have been exploring the option of postponing SALT until August. We are optimistic this is possible, but we haven't figured out the details yet, due to checking with local constraints and other conflicts, such as ESSLLI.

We will post another update as soon as we have more information, but given today's developments, we wanted to post something immediately.

We are disappointed, as I'm sure you are, but we hope to be able to hold SALT in August. As always, everyone's health and safety is the highest priority, and we will keep in touch,

Take care, and kind regards,
The SALT30 organizing committee